Get Outside and Look Up


SOMETIMES PROFUNDITY is best expressed through the shortest, simplest statements. Will Burcher is a former police officer and current author of “The GAIAD,” a story of ancient secrets not quite forgotten and the positive power of global perspective. He lives and works in Colorado, USA. SUBSCRIBE for a chance to WIN A signed edition of The GAIAD. Join the conversation. EARTH. SPACE. INSPIRATION. EVERY 10th subscriber will receive a print edition of THE GAIAD, a new science fiction novel, signed by the author. Subscribers will also receive a 20% discount on the book—our thanks for being part of a conversation that WANTS TO BE HAD.

October 8, Local Author Meet and Greet—Colorado Springs, Colorado


SPRINGS FOLK! Saturday, October 8, come out and support a diverse group of LOCAL authors at a swinging little event. We’ll be talking our books, our bios, our strange brains. Things chocolate and wine-looking (and wine-smelling, even wine tasting) will be served, FREE. Held at a cool little venue, The Cottonwood Center for the Arts, at 427 E COLORADO AVE, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80903. 11AM—2PM. I’ll be representing “The GAIAD,” of course: Book signing. Book selling. Book plugging. Crazy backstories, maybe a little inspiration. And I’ll be with good company. The event is held in conjunction with Indie Author Day, organized by the world’s largest brick-and-mortar book distributor, Ingram, among others. Check out the site of our local organizer, JMars Ink for further details. And definitely take a look at some of the featured authors below (Author bios care of JMars Ink):   Damon Alan is a full time author and stay at … READ MORE…

Up from Below


(Sperlonga, Italy. Photo by WB) Within this blog is a section entitled “Up from Below.” I wanted to explain it. Some might call this section “contemplative” or “philosophical” or “spiritual.” Perhaps all of these terms fit. I don’t know. For me, writings, musings, posts that fit in this section simply come from a place within me, the writer, that seems deeper and less tangible than that other, more common point of origin. They might also concern writers or works of art and lit, or the stuff of other thought leaders that I feel comes from this same place. These things well “up from below;” like a spring or a kind of clear and bubbling brook rising up and out of the earth. The term comes from a feeling, more than anything. The term is my expression of a perception almost prior to specific thought or words. I’ve come to learn that my … READ MORE…