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Bio 1

While Will has always known that writing and the exploration of the human condition would be his “end game,” he has sought out varied professional and educational experiences—resulting in a unique view of our contemporary collective circumstance.  He grew up in a conservative military family and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. 

While at CU, Will discovered Eastern philosophy, notably Zen Buddhism and Taoism.  He chose to obtain a degree in Economics for uniquely personal reasons—viewing the swings and fluctuations of a free-market economy seeking balance as an expression of “the Way” of natural autonomous systems, or more largely, the “Tao.”  He worked in commercial real estate and in finance before making a professional shift toward government.  Will served as both a sheriff’s deputy and police officer outside of Denver for six years.  As an officer he saw evidence daily of a nascent personal thesis—the necessity for modern American society to embrace fully the concept of deep personal responsibility, with larger implications for the future of humanity and the natural world. 

Will is a strong supporter of an expanded exploration of space and believes that the perspective gained by simply looking up can change the world.  Moving up and out while gazing honestly within—toward these pursuits will we encounter our potential.  Will lives in Colorado with his two dogs, Taurus and Sterling.

Bio 2

A former cop who enjoys sitting quietly by mountain streams and looking up at the night sky, Will has always known that writing would be his life’s work. Toward that end he sought out diverse experiences, professional and otherwise, to enable a style of writing both gritty and real. He writes on topics of wide influence—the current state of our modern malaise, the importance of an expanded presence in space, and our relationship with the earth. He believes that all writers are burdened with the most serious of responsibilities—to lead the minds of their readers to positive places; metaphoric fields both green and golden. He lives in Colorado, USA with his two dogs, Taurus and Sterling.

Bio 3

Will Burcher is the author of The GAIAD and the subsequent LOGOS series.  He lives and works in Colorado, USA.  For more visit

The GAIAD Synopsis 1

In a society increasingly buried under the weight of its own insularity, an ancient and shadowy group selfishly guards a secret with the power to change everything. Tonight, on a stage in front of thousands, one of their members commits a horrible, shocking act. In the audience is Detective Fleur Romano. Bitter and world-weary, she vows to uncover the reasons behind the horror she just witnessed. In the process, she’ll discover that she’s led her lonely life ignorant a fundamental truth, a truth first discovered by a man who walked the earth millennia ago, a man mysteriously familiar.

In this powerful debut, William Burcher is willing to explore unique and fantastic themes with realism and grit. The GAIAD boldly poses big questions. What do we lose, as we separate ourselves from the earth and each other? What would the future hold, if suddenly something changed with that most fundamental of relationships—the one we have with our own planet?

The GAIAD Synopsis 2

The music is haunting. It pulls at you, at your insides, with a force born of some indescribable, primal recognition. The music is directed by that strange man on the stage, dancing the dance of a warrior, his face shrouded, masked. The musician stops suddenly, his action choreographed to the alien song and before the eyes of thousands, in an act of horror heralded only by the terrified scream of a woman in the back of the theatre, takes his own life with a flash of blood and steel.

Only one in the audience responds—a woman, beautiful, athletic, confident. She ascends the stage quickly and tries to stop the blood gushing from the musician’s arteries. She doesn’t yet know, but this moment will come to define the rest of her life. Fleur Romano is a detective. She investigates the man whose act has shocked the world, and discovers that he once belonged to a hidden, influential group whose sole purpose is to protect an unbelievably ancient secret with the power to change everything.

In his landmark debut, William Burcher gives us a story of rare intensity. He’s willing to pose questions of universal significance. What do we lose, as we separate ourselves from the earth and each other? What would the future hold if suddenly something changed with that most fundamental of relationships—the one we have with our own planet?

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