Science Fiction

All forms of literature can open windows to deeper truths – providing glimpses of that special light that artists strive to see (and can only hope to bring forth).  Science fiction though has imagination flowing through its veins.  Imagination, that spark of creation, allowed Clarke to envision the space elevator, conceive the communication satellite, and write works of fiction with themes so intelligent they touched upon the spiritual.  Through imagination in the service of time and place, Le Guin created brave and innovative works challenging accepted societal notions of gender and faith.  And through imagination Sagan would communicate the wonder and nearly incomprehensible scale of the body of creation.

While I’m not going to begin to compare my initial steps into this genre with these greats, the examples they set with their works, striving toward the standards they planted like flags stuck fast into the lunar soil – these are why I write.  Seeing what the human mind can create in compositions like “Against the Fall of Night”, “Childhood’s End”, “The Fountains of Paradise”; the “Hainish Cycle”, “Earthsea”; and “Contact” is as inspiring as watching the launch of a SpaceX rocket or a new image of Pluto downloaded from New Horizons.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out my first small steps.


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