The Almagre Review on The GAIAD

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know two extraordinary gentlemen, who are rapidly becoming pillars of the Colorado literary community. John Lewis and Joe Barrera are in this game for the right reasons. Their literary journal, The Almagre Review, seeks to make a difference — to add a powerful, honed and beautiful voice to the often cacophonous choir that can be modern literary media. Thank you guys for being you, for being present, and for producing your Review — A bright and shining light.







John recently published his thoughts on The GAIAD. I’m impressed and truly grateful that he made it through the entirety of the novel, knowing his workload and the train-loads of submissions The Review receives. Please keep it up, you warriors for good. Your work is noticed and appreciated.


Will Burcher is a former police officer and current author of “The GAIAD,” a story of ancient secrets not quite forgotten and the positive power of global perspective. He lives and works in Colorado, USA.

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