The GAIAD Preview—Chapters 14 and 15

Paleolithic Conspiracies. The Fall of Man. Space. MARS. And the EARTH is NOT what you think it is.

The GAIAD is the story of one modern woman’s attempt to heal the fundamental rift between humanity and the Earth—a separation born of an event occurring both on a physical plain and in the minds of men millennia ago. In the following two chapters she contacts a man, an innovative thought-leader she believes will understand the consequences of the secret she’s discovered: a message from an unlikely source motivating us to look beyond our insular lives, both up and out.


Abdul-Jabbar Sulayman

It began as a recognition of the undifferentiated emotion inside her, a kind of physical feeling not yet expressed. It was a heavy thing located near her heart, a concretion of lighter stuff, stuff that should be free. She let it overtake her—which was hard, scary. In an instant it overwhelmed her like an ocean wave. It became something else, something more. First it was pain, raw pain, raw sensation. Then it was heartache, then something more specific. Longing.

A flash of insight and understanding and she knew that this was a felt acknowledgment of a span of time, born from a deeper perception of the actuality of it, the physicality of it. Longing such as this was her mind sensing the immeasurable span of time between her present, and his. The depth of it was vast and dark. Behind it though was the song.

It was a lesser thing now that she was thousands of miles from the cave, but with her nonetheless. It became a thing heard with her body, with her bones when she gave it attention. And this is how it would always progress—the depth of her longing, her loneliness, her loss—then the song. But of course he would be there, in it somehow, waiting for her. There were no words, no images, just presence—presence that was not merely her own. When she sensed him, the song grew louder, a palpitating, living force. Sometimes her head hurt as it had in the cave. But none of that mattered. Here, in the dark, she could travel that vast span of time. Together they listened to the voice of the earth and it was here that she first understood the rest of itREAD MORE

Will Burcher is a former police officer and current author of “The GAIAD,” a story of ancient secrets not quite forgotten and the positive power of global perspective. He lives and works in Colorado, USA.

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