Up from Below


(Sperlonga, Italy. Photo by WB)

Within this blog is a section entitled “Up from Below.” I wanted to explain it. Some might call this section “contemplative” or “philosophical” or “spiritual.” Perhaps all of these terms fit. I don’t know. For me, writings, musings, posts that fit in this section simply come from a place within me, the writer, that seems deeper and less tangible than that other, more common point of origin. They might also concern writers or works of art and lit, or the stuff of other thought leaders that I feel comes from this same place.

These things well “up from below;” like a spring or a kind of clear and bubbling brook rising up and out of the earth. The term comes from a feeling, more than anything. The term is my expression of a perception almost prior to specific thought or words. I’ve come to learn that my best writing comes from this place, and although I’m not always in touch with it and at times it seems only a distant thing—a whisper carried on a much louder wind—I try my best to “bring it forth.” With time I hope there is more to place in this category. With time I hope that the bubbling spring becomes something greater. And toward this end I follow the path.

Will Burcher is a former police officer and current author of “The GAIAD,” a story of ancient secrets not quite forgotten and the positive power of global perspective. He lives and works in Colorado, USA.

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